How can I validate user inputs before granting access to the chat?
LiveZilla provides a simple but powerful validation functionality that allows you to process/validate user inputs before granting access to the chat or allowing to create a ticket.

There are two modes that you can choose from.

The Advanced mode will allow you to send the user input value to a self written script that validates the input and returns the Javascript command to grant or decline access.

The Data mode doesn't require any programming and can help you to quickly validate the user inputs by predefining exactly what input must be matched to start the chat or subit a ticket.

Both modes can be set up individually for each of your chat / ticket input fields.

Please find the related configuration under:

Server Configuration -> Input Fields -> Validation

For the Advanced mode you will need to specify the URL of your custom validation script. LiveZilla will pass two GET parameters to your script on runtime.

GET Parameters
  1. inputid
    The id of the input field.

  2. value
    The user input.

Example URL:

Please note: placeholders (<!--...-->) will be replaced by LiveZilla during runtime


A simple PHP validation script would look like this:

if($_GET["inputid"] == "111" && $_GET["value"] == "secret")
    echo "lz_validate_input_result(true,111);";
    echo "lz_validate_input_result(false,111);";

We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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