How can I create custom Chat Login Input Fields?
Please find the general input configuration under:

Server Configuration -> Input Fields

The following configurations can be made:

  • Active
    Determines if the input is being shown to the users. Please note that pass-thru information of inactive inputs will not be processed.

  • Cookies
    Determines if the value entered is being saved in a cookie on client side (webbrowser).

  • Name
    Name shown in the column(s) in the Operator Client. The name will never be shown to your website visitor.

  • Input Type
    The HTML Control Type used.

  • Caption / Title
    The title shown to the website visitors.

    If you run a multilingual website, it's also possible to insert a placeholder into the Caption field which gets replaced by the regarding translation during runtime. A placeholder for a custom field should look like <!--lang_client_custom_01-->, <!--lang_client_custom_02-->, <!--lang_client_custom_03--> and so on. The translation value can be set in the Translation Editor (select a language and scroll down).

  • Info Box
    A description shown to your website visitors.

  • Position
    Determines the order in which the inputs are displayed.

  • Value

    • Textbox / Textbox: value will be used as default

    • CheckBox: no meaning (value will be ignored)

    • ComboBox: value defines the elements shown in the listing, elements must be separated with semicolons (;).

  • Validation
    LiveZilla gives you the possibility to validate the user input before granting access to the chat or sending an offling message. This feature requires you to provide an interface (accessible via HTTP (GET-)Request) that validates the information and returns the result to the LiveZilla WebClient.

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