How can I configure different languages using the Translation-Editor?
In LiveZilla you have the possibility to setup different languages for your back end (Client, Operator side) and for your front end (Server, Customer side).

Manage your translations:

1. Log in to your LiveZilla Client and open the Translation Editor

2. Here you can choose between Client or Server side.

3. You can download a language package by clicking on Add.

4. After downloading the package you can edit the translations and propose them as standard.

Creating Chat Buttons with different language settings:

1. Go to the Link Generator and choose a Chat Button.

2. Under General you can either decide to show the GUI Language of the chat button according to the language of your website visitor's web browser settings or you can choose a fixed language for the chat button.

3. Please note that in either case the language package needs to be downloaded in the Translation Editor (Server).

Changing the language in your LiveZilla Desktop App / Web Based Operator Console:

1. Please make sure that you downloaded the language package in the Translation Editor (Client). The language can be configured for each operator under User Management -> Operator -> Languages.
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