How do I configure Events in LiveZilla (automatic chat invites, conversions, Google Analytics etc.)?
LiveZilla comes with a powerful Event System that allows you to send chat invitations to website visitors automatically, track conversions and integrate your Google Analytics Tag.

How to enable automatic invitations:
  • Please start the LiveZilla client and open the Events form on the top panel (flash icon). 

  • Add a new Action and select Send Chat Invite.

  • Optional: Add a Condition to specify conditions under which you want the invitation to be sent out. These settings are optional. If you are not sure what to configure, just leave everything unchanged.

How to use the Event System to track conversions:

After setting up an Event and configuring the IF and THEN actions you can define Goals that are shown in the reports and statistics if the event was triggered successfully. In order to do so please switch to the Goals tab in the event that you created and fill in a title for the goal. Besides that you can also add a description and activate the option Increase Conversion Rate. If this option is activated the event will also effect the course of your conversion rate.

How to set up Google Analytics tracking in LiveZilla:
  • To track your Events with Google Analytics you will need to set up an event by opening the Event System in your LiveZilla Client (click on the flash icon).

  • Then configure the IF conditions that need to matched by the website visitor in order to trigger the event.

  • Now you can add THEN actions that define what should happen in case the IF conditions are matched.

  • That's where you need to add HTML Tag as a THEN actions and paste the Google Analytics Tag.

This way the Google Analytics tag will be triggered when the event is triggered and it will be tracked in your Google Analytics dashboard.
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