Why are taking chat invitations and website pushs so long to appear in the visitors browser?
Please note that the LiveZilla communication protocol is completely based on HTTP. While HTTP provides a number of advantages, it does not allow permanent connections between the server and the clients. Instead, the client has to connect to the server in a configurable interval.

The default interval of LiveZilla is performance optimized.

This means that the webserver load is lower while some actions may be delayed.

The LiveZilla connection (poll) frequency can be changed under Server Configuration -> Server.

If you prefer actions like invitations, alerts, website pushs, chat messages to be performed more immediately, you will have to lower the visitor poll frequency which will result in a higher server load (as there are more frequent connections between browser and webserver).

If you like to reduce the delay for chat messages and the typing notificator you will have to decrease the client poll frequency on the same tab page.
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