How to use LiveZilla in compliance to the GDPR?
In order to use LiveZilla according to the GDPR rules there are some configurations you can implement:
  • Anonymization of IP addresses
    To anonymize the IP addresses of your website visitors please go to: Server Configuration -> Data Privacy

  • SSL encryption of your Chat Buttons
    In order to enable SSL encryption for your Chat Buttons please follow the linked instructions.

  • Deletion and provision of customer data
    All customer data you collect using LiveZilla can be managed through your MySQL database or the LiveZilla Client. Deletion of your customer data from your database can be configured to be automatically performed after a certain number of days. This configuration can be found under: Server Configuration -> Database Besides that you are able to export data from LiveZilla in a certain format. In order to export data please log in to the LiveZilla Client and go to "Export".

  • Provide your Terms of service statement in your chat button
    In order to provide your Terms of service statement in your chat button and all your customers to opt-in to either submitting ticket or starting a chat you need to configure this under: User Management -> Groups -> Group -> Languages -> Language -> Text -> Terms of service

  • Cookie Configuration:
    in LiveZilla you can set up the cookie lifetime freely. Besides that you can also completely deactivate them. You can find this configuration under:
    Server Configuration -> Data Privacy
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