What is a PWA and how can I make use of it?
Starting with, LiveZilla ships as a so called PWA (Progressive Web APP). That means LiveZilla is a web application (like a website) with the look and feel of a real application and it can now be "installed" on your desktop easily (it's just one click). 

While we also provide classic Desktop APPs in our download section, we highly recommend to use LiveZilla PWA instead.

How to Install LiveZilla APP on your Desktop (as of now, you need Google Chrome for this):

1.) Sign on to the LiveZilla Operator Console in Google Chrome (make sure you use HTTPS).

2.) Click Chrome Menu (three vertical dots) -> Install LiveZilla ...

That's it. Now you will find an Icon on your Desktop (in Finder on Mac) to run LiveZilla.

On mobile devices, you can do the same thing by using the Add to Home Screen feature available in Chrome and Safari.

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